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Mental and Emotional Well-being

Committed to serving the University of Kentucky's diverse campus community, the Counseling Center and Behavioral Health at University Health Service provide counseling, psychiatric consultations, and prevention services that facilitate students' academic and life goals and enhance their personal growth and well-being.  Multiple departments across campus provide additional education classes.

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Preventative Services

University Health Service (UHS) offers services for full-time undergraduate UK students and students who have paid the Health FeeOur services include primary care, gynecology/genitourinary (GYN/GU), nursing, and behavioral health and health education services for nutrition, tobacco cessation, sexual health, and health and wellness coaching.

Students must make an appointment to be treated at UHS, as walk-ins are not available at this time.  Students can usually be seen the same day or the next day.

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Recreational Services and Personal Well-being

UK's recreational sports fitness/wellness programs emphasize physical fitness and healthy lifestyle behavior by offering group exercise classes, personal training, outdoor pursuits, health promotion, and more.  Campus Recreation strives to provide students with quality recreation and well-being programs and services to support student success and health lifestyles.




Academic Support

Students at the University of Kentucky have a large network of resources to assist them in their academic pursuits.  From course instructors and academic advising to free peer tutoring and academic coaching at Transformative Learning, resources are available to support every students’ academic success.


financial wellness

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is geared toward engaging students in financial literacy programs and providing a place for peer mentorship through the MoneyCATS team. Financial Wellness also provides excellent resources for the University of Kentucky student body to stay connected and well equipped to handle their evolving financial needs.


Identity and Inclusion

UK is committed to providing an enriching experience for all students, faculty, and staff by actively exploring and adopting new initiatives that will expand both the diversity and inclusivity of our campus community. Specifically, UK strives to accomplish this objective through recruitment and retention of an increasingly diverse population of faculty, administrators, staff, and students, and by implementing initiatives that provide rich diversity-related experiences for all to help ensure their success in an interconnected world.

Exploring academic options

Career Exploration and Development

Stuckert Career Center serves as the hub for career exploration for all students with their experienced staff available to assist students to be career ready for today’s diverse job market. Our services include, but are not limited to, career decision-making and major exploration, job and internship searching, polishing your career documents (resume, cover letter and portfolio), interviewing and salary negotiation strategies and practicing, and so much more. Don’t wait to meet with a career advisor to plan your career launch!



Relational Well-being

Part of our personal well-being involves how we interact with those around us. Our relationships with our friends, intimate partners, and our campus community are important to developing a sense of safety and belonging, and there are several resources on the University of Kentucky’s campus that offer resources on how we can create and navigate those relationships.

Thriving in any environment

Well-being and the Environment

Our health and well-being are directly impacted by the environment. Being in nature, even a short walk through our campus trees, has many positive benefits on our mental and physical health. Likewise, our daily actions can have positive impacts on our natural world: biking instead of driving, carrying a reusable water bottle, or picking up litter as you cross the campus. The University of Kentucky promotes stewardship of our natural resources, and encourages responsible consideration of environmental impact. UK reduces barriers for students to experience outdoor recreation and education opportunities. University sustainability practices also encourage a reduction in food waste, availability of healthy meals, and collaboration with environmental and sustainability organizations throughout the Commonwealth, the U.S., and the world.